Property Surveying in Harrow

We provide a broad range of reviews tailored to suit your requirements, whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced mover. Simplifying the process, we offer guidance and insights to assist you in reassessing, budgeting, or preparing for any improvements you may need for your new home. In collaboration with a company offering a comprehensive range of services, we have a professional valuation department that adheres to RICS standards.

  • RICS Homebuyer Reports & Building Surveys
  • Secured lending valuations
  • Tax valuations including CGT, Inheritance/Probate and ATED (Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings)
  • Expert Witness for Litigation and Matrimonial

Whether you are purchasing a sixteenth-century cabin, a brand-new house on a development, a flat, or a 3-bed semi, you should carefully consider your choice of valuation report or survey.k/wp-admin/post.php?post=15&action=elementor

  • Mortgage Valuation Report:

    The Mortgage Valuation Report is a limited visual assessment of the property, primarily focused on its current value and the identification of any defects that could significantly impact the security for the mortgage lender. Although often required by a mortgage company, it is not recommended as the sole basis for deciding whether to proceed with the purchase. This report does not provide detailed information on items that may concern a potential purchaser but are not significant to a lender.

    Designed for properties constructed post-1900 that appear to be in reasonable condition and are relatively conventional in construction, the Homebuyers Report aims to assist potential purchasers in making an informed decision. It helps establish a reasonable purchase price, takes into account any necessary repairs or replacements, and guides the buyer on further advice to seek before committing to the purchase.

  • The RICS Homebuyers Report

    The Homebuyers Report is designed for properties built after 1900 that appear to be in reasonable condition and are constructed in a relatively conventional manner. Its purpose is to assist potential buyers in making an informed decision about whether to proceed with a purchase, determine a reasonable purchase price, consider necessary repairs and/or replacements, and identify the advice to seek before committing to the purchase. Instead of detailing every aspect of the property or providing specific estimates of repair costs, this report highlights items that may need attention and categorizes them with condition ratings.

  • Building Survey

    A building survey is a comprehensive evaluation of the condition and type of construction of a property. This system is designed to work with all types of properties but is particularly effective for large, old, or unusual properties. Property-specific reports are provided. This type of survey is especially useful in cases of extensive renovation, alteration, or extension, or if major renovations are planned. The survey covers every aspect of the property, providing advice on visible and hidden defects that may pose problems. Cost estimates are provided where possible and appropriate. The report may also address specific concerns about the property if communicated in advance. After receiving the report, you can discuss any details that may be unclear.